Not many now will remember the humble beginnings of The First Presbyterian Church in Malibu in the Malibu Courthouse in 1948. When the choir sang from the jury box and the pastor preached IMG_5366.JPGbeside the jail cell.

Now after decades of faithful presence, most will remember Malibu Pres as the church that burned down in the 2007 wildfires. In countless ways, the loss of our building was a major turning point in the story of Malibu Pres. (Read the LA Times article) No longer was business as usual, but as adversity often brings, a new season of unity, passion and determination was founded before the embers would cool. (Read a reflection as we moved into our temporary sprung structure.) 

The fire instantly propelled Malibu Pres into our community, with our preschool meeting at the Malibu Jewish Center and our annual Father-Daughter Valentine Dance at the Malibu Inn. We truly became a church without walls.

Video from our Groundbreaking Service on November 13, 2009.

Since, we have navigated the course of rebuilding, but never without losing focus on our central vision and mission, to connect people to Christ and the community of God. We have expanded our reach into our community and the world, traveling to Thailand, Brazil, Africa and Mexico, offering what we can to the homeless, powerless and loveless.

In Malibu, we haven't strayed far from the Malibu courthouse, where we continue to faithfully represent the hope we find in Christ to our families, Pepperdine students, Nursery school families, homeless, broken and searching.

To the future we look forward to a new building, but really, only to continue the legacy of passion for our community, our friendships and the love of Christ.