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Josh Kauffman - Worship and Arts Ministries

Role: Director of Worship & Arts


Social Media: @valleydrive (IG)

On MPC Staff Since: 2003

What are you passionate about? I love ministering to the Lord himself and I'm honored to have the privilege of calling, equipping, and leading Malibu Pacific Church in the ministry of worship to the Lord together! When we glorify the Lord in worship I believe that we are drawing near to him. And by "we" I mean both current believers and those whom the Lord is calling. I see myself as a groomsman who loves both the groom (our Lord Jesus) and the bride (his church), and I've caught vision for how much the groom loves his bride so I'm dedicated to seeing the fulfillment of that union. I'm passionate about Jesus' return, our resurrection, and the renewal of all things through the coming of his kingdom!

Describe your primary responsibilities at Malibu Pacific Church: Oversight of our Sunday and midweek worship services throughout the year; pastoral care for my worship team and for our congregants; deacon ministry; technical oversight for all events in our Sanctuary; equipping, discipling, teaching & preaching from God's word. 

Tell us about your family: My wife Annie and I met in school and married soon after we graduated from Wheaton College and moved to L.A. After I spent a number of years touring nationally and internationally as a singer/songwriter, Annie and I started a family and had our son Ivan which coincided with me answering the call to worship ministry at MPC. Ivan is now one of the regular drummers in our worship ministry at MPC! Annie serves in our worship ministry as well with prayer, stage/event decor, and as a visual tech. She's my best friend and number one ministry partner too. It is one of my greatest joys to do worship ministry together with my family!

What do you like to do for fun? I like to surf, play and listen to music, mountain bike with my family, read, study scripture, travel, hang out and watch shows on the couch with Jane, my chocolate lab.

What are your hobbies? Writing music. My most recent project is called Daelsson and you can listen to it through this player or on Spotify: 


What are your favorite books?  I love studying and reading the Bible! And I think my favorite book from this past year might be "God Has A Name" by John Mark Comer. Most of my additional reading these days is related to books from classes at Fuller Theological Seminary, but I also love fantasy and fiction genre books in my spare time. 

What is your favorite thing about Malibu and the surrounding area? It's amazing to be living and working where the mountains meet the ocean, where there is the energy and excitement of 4 million Angelenos in the air but still the option to be alone in the hills or be awestruck by the endless possibilities of the Pacific horizon.