All Church Catalina Retreat 2019

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October 18, 2019 to October 20, 2019

All Day

Location: 1, Gallagher's Cove, Avalon, CA 90704

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Hey Church Family! 

All Church Retreat Save the Date

We hope you are ready for our Catalina adventure! Our All Church Retreat is only a few weeks away! 

Here you will find information to help ease you in to signing up for an amazing adventure of a lifetime! If you are ready to sign up...


If you need a little more info before you for sure* sign up [*see what we did there?] please keep reading.


"Abide and Thrive"

All Church Retreat 2019

Are you ready to find a place that helps you disconnect from the distractions of this world? Are you wanting more family time, church time, alone time, quiet time, recharge time, or adventure time? This All Church Retreat is truly a time for any and all of these things to happen. This is a time set aside as a church family to Abide in the Lord and Thrive in your walk.


Campus By the Sea is located on Catalina Island in Gallaghers cove, about 1/2 mile away from Avalon city. This retreat center has it all. Amazing food, accommodations feet away from the ocean, recreation activities, lounge chairs, and so much more! Check out to really get a taste of what this Retreat is all about.



Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Is this camp for you? 

Absolutely! Though it is rustic, it can accommodate all ages of life.
2. What's covered in the cost?
Your boat ride to and from San Pedro to Catalina island, 5 meals, housing, and program.  [Every cost is taken care of except the optional excursion to Avalon during Saturday's Free Time.]
3. What time does the boat leave/return?
Check-in at San Pedro is at 5:00 p.m. sharp on Friday, October 18.  You will be arriving back on the mainland on Sunday, October 20, at approximately 2:00 p.m.
4. What are some activities I can expect during this Retreat?
All Church Worship Times, Small Group Time, Rest, Relaxation, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Various games, Good food, getting to know your church family a little better, hiking, a visit to Avalon, swimming, paintball, a talent show, and much much more.
5. Will there be Children's Programming?
Yes*! [*during select times]
6. Is there Wifi? Cell Service...? Electricity....?!
There is no Wifi or cell service at camp. But think about this, you'll be able to truly unplug and unwind for a whole weekend! You can do a "technology cleanse" [those are super in right now]. There are however courtesy phones for you to use to contact your loved ones while you are at camp. There is electricity just not in the cabins.
7. What is the bathroom situation?
There is a very large divided bath pavilion located in the center of camp. It has electricity, copious amounts of hot water, numerous stalls, and is enclosed.
8. What is the housing situation like?
There are different types of housing at Campus By The Sea and you can check those out below. If you have a preference please don't hesitate to ask. We will try to accommodate all housing needs but can't guarantee the requests.
9. What should I pack?
The Essentials:
•       Luggage should be clearly labeled.
•       Sheet, Sleeping bag, and pillow. Bring your own linens. Tip: It is a good idea to make sure your linens are in a watertight bag (even a plastic trash bag works).
•       Bible (and pens) – be sure your name is in it
•       Bath towel and wash cloth
•       Flashlight: Please be sure to label the flashlight and send extra batteries.
•       General toiletries: soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, towel, washcloth, etc.
•       Clothing for two/three days
•       Appropriate Bathing Suit and Sunscreen
•       Water Shoes [If you have them]
•       At least one pair of long pants and sweatshirt; evenings can get cold [We are on the ocean]
•       At least two pairs of shoes (sandals and a good pair of shoes to walk/hike in)
10. What is the cost?
The cost Before August 25th is $150 for people 11+ years old and $125 for people 3-10 years olf and $75 for 2 and under. The boat ride alone is $88 per person to get to and from Catalina... plus you get room, board, and copious amounts of activities!
The cost after August 25th is $204 per person no matter the age. SIGN UP ASAP!
11. What if I can't stay for the whole time can I still come? 
Unfortunately no and we will miss you. There are no roads to and from camp and everything is done by boat and we only have one boat in and one boat out at are specified departure times. Sidenote: If there is an emergency we will be able to get you off of the island in a matter of minutes.


At Campus by the Sea, we have three main types of living quarters for our guests. 

Enclosed Cabins

Fully enclosed cabins offer our best all-weather protection and allow the camp to operate for an extended season. Each room has a skylight that makes the room bright and airy. Each unit sleeps 8 in bunk beds, has one double mattress, has two entrances and shares a deck with an adjoining unit.

Open Air Cabins

These cabins are very comfortable in warmer months when more airflow is desired. The walls of the cabin do not extend all the way to the roof, so the air can move freely through the room. Originally designed and built in 1951, most units have been recently upgraded.


Large canvas tents are built on sturdy wooden platforms. Each unit has one double-sized mattress and other single mattresses are arranged on bunks. They have flaps for doors and windows with screens. Most of these units are located along the flood control channel. They come in 4-person and 8-person sizes to meet various needs.

Special Needs Cabin

Upon request, and pending availability, a special cabin can be provided to accommodate guests with special needs that require the availability of electricity and light for medical equipment. The cabin can be supplied with linens. Only two of these units exist in camp.

Bathroom Pavilion

All campers share a centralized, modern restroom facility complete with solar-assisted, hot showers and electricity since cabins do not have attached bathrooms. Each gender has access to 5 shower stalls and 5 flush toilet stalls. Additional latrines and rinse showers are located at the waterfront.

None of our guest quarters have private bathrooms. All cabins and tents do not have electric light or outlets but are furnished with a rechargeable lantern, one memory foam double bed mattress plus bunk beds with foam mattresses. Guest groups are expected to bring their own sleeping bag or bedding, pillows, flashlight, towels and toiletries.

Campus by the Sea's accommodations are simple but comfortable. With the exception of a few small cabins (Sand Dab units) reserved for guests with special needs, none of our cabins or tents are equipped with electricity. Flashlights are highly recommended. A modern Bathroom Pavilion is located centrally within the camp which provides toilets, sinks, and hot showers and electricity.



We now know you are convinced and chomping at the bit to sign up... so click below to sign up!



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