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Emily Dawson- Preschool Director

Contact: Emily@MalibuPacific.church

Role: Director of Malibu Presbyterian Nursery School... Soon to be Malibu Pacific Preschool

On MPC Staff Since: I have been at the preschool for 12-13 years. I am new to the MPC staff

Describe your primary responsibilities at Malibu Pacific Church: I get to run the most wonderful preschool ever! I have the privilege of working with children and families in the Malibu community. I not only get to teach love and kindness to preschool aged children, but I also get to minister to their family while they have their first school experience.

Tell us about your family: I am a single mom to 2 fantastic young adults! My daughter, Phoenix is 20 years old and off at college. My 18 year old son, Mason is a senior at Malibu High.

What is your favorite thing about Malibu and the surrounding area? Malibu has been my home since I was 8 years old. I love this community! My favorite thing to do in Malibu is to go to Westward Beach during my birthday month in March and watch the Grey Whales migrate up the coast with their babies! I also LOVE to go to The Old Place on Mulholland for breakfast or dinner on the weekends. It's SO GOO

What are your hobbies? I love to listen to live music. Any music. It makes my heart happy. I also enjoy painting.

Why are you excited to be a part of Malibu Pacific Church? The church family at Malibu Pacific Church has been so welcoming and wonderful to me. Everyone has been extremely friendly, and it has been nice to get to know some of non preschool age members more. The preschoolers are pretty great as well!