Virtual Connect Hour - "Patio Fellowship" 

  • When: This Sunday, 9:00-10:00am Join in at any time 
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  • What to expect: You get to see your friends, make some new friends, and I will lead some group conversation to see how everyone is doing!

Romans Updated

UpperRoom takes place on Sunday mornings during Connect Hour. It is a time to gather with others in the name of Jesus Christ, grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ, and encourage one another to go into the world to make disciples of Jesus Christ. 

We are currently studying the book of Romans. We look forward to returning to our study of Romans in the near future. Return soon to see our revised virtual format.

Watch Two Intro Videos on Romans:

(Click on the links below)

Romans Part 1

Romans Part 2

Schedule & Teachers: 

Intro and Romans 1:1-17  Saona Jackson 

Romans 1:18-32   Jack Haas

Romans 2   Ben Hancock 

Romans 3   Isaac Penny 

Romans 4   Dionte Grey

Romans 5   Reed Bartley 

Romans 6   Mike Hainkel 

Romans 7   Michelle Smit

Romans 8 Kevin Bennett

Romans 9  Bob Kaufman 

Romans 10   Bob Kaufman 

Romans 11   Bob Kaufman 

Romans 12   John Bartnicki

Romans 13   Brian Newman

June 14 - Romans 14 TBD

June 21 - Romans 15   TBD

June 28 - Romans 16   Saona Jackson