1. Is Baja safe? In 29 years of Baja Builds, there has not been one accident or injury. And despite media reports of drug violence, not one Baja Build team has ever felt unsafe (teams travel to Mexico with Baja Christian Ministries almost every weekend). We build in remote and impoverished areas where drug activity is minimal. (Most cartels are operating in the bigger cities.) In addition, we travel in a very large caravan with 100+ people and have several Mexican staff members with our team at all times. Statistically, it's more dangerous to travel LA's freeways than go to Mexico. 

While there is a reality of danger anywhere you go, we are vigilant and always aware of the dangers of traveling and working in Mexico, and feel confident in our care and our continued dedication to the people of Mexico. 

2. How much does it cost to participate? MPC Missions underwrites the entire cost of building. All is required is sharing the hotel room, a few meals in the hotel restaurant and sharing the cost of gas. (Please see info brochure for more info.)

3. Where do we spend the night? We stay at Estancia Inn, a clean, safe and great hotel in Tecate, a small town near where we build.

4. Can I bring my kids? Yes! Baja Build is appropriate for children 7+. They can help with painting and other construction tasks, and they also enjoy playing with local children and helping with our children's outreach.

Have other questions? Email Lisa Cislo at lcislo@malibupres.org.